Afro Arab Hair

So, non-surprisingly, not a lot has been written about Afro-Arabs. (Try google that term, or anything related to it. You just get Arabs in Morocco/Algeria. Doesn’t reeeeally count)

Buy, hey, we exist. (Here I am!) I’ve written about this before on the blog.

Today, I continue my chronicles about learning to love this curly hair I have, when the society around me is programmed to love whiteness, straightness, and all things Euro-Centric.

So, I did made my own flax seed gel yesterday (finally!) , and I loved loved loved how it made my hair feel. Soft. Curly. Not crunchy. Not dry. Just happy little curlies all over my head.

Showed it to my mum, like: ‘ Hey feel my hair mummy, it feels and looks awesome!’

She scrunched up her face and says: ‘Yes, but why does it look like that?

I’m like : ‘You don’t like it?’

She responds :’ No, I like it better straight.’ (My hair was blow dried and flat ironed last week)


‘Well, mum this is how it grows out of my head. God gave me curly hair not straight. So I love it like this’

Way to kill my happy vibe mum. Lol.

But, it’s okay. I’m used to it.

One person who always supports my hair escapades, no matter how crazy I look? My husband. Love him!


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