Building A Business

I suck at business.

I generally suck at life as an adult.

I like lazy saturdays (and Mondays, and Wednesdays) ….sitting in the sun, with a breeze coming through the terrace windows. Writing, and watching netflix, and checking facebook.

Why shouldn’t life be this awesome all the time?

I shall leave the world-saving to other people who like to work hard.

Is that as bad as it sounds?

Yes, It is.

But really tho. I like my life (most days)

I work 3 days a week. Just enough to cover my expenses.

The rest of the time, I lounge, spend time with family, and enjoy my baby.

Wallah it’s beautiful.

When I get stressed out that my uni colleagues are making strides to further heir careers and I’m just treading water….I remind myself that I dont have to wake up at 5am every day. And naps. I take lots of naps.


Love you all.


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