Africa, My Mother.

Warm sun beating on darkened brow.

Heavy kisses of a humid day.

A welcoming handshake,

In an African smile.


The Quilted Dream

‘Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar’
The call to prayer reverberates in the air.
Shimmering through the sunlight.
Gliding past lace curtains, through windows and open doors.
To rest lightly on the ears and hearts of the beloved faithful.

Asha leans her head back against the turquoise window sill
The fluttering lace curtain tickles her face.
A humid breeze languidly strokes her cheek.
The call to prayer is her favourite song.
With a stirring deep in her heart,she answers back the call softly:
‘La haula wa laa quwwata illa billah’

A heavy sigh escapes her lips.
And as her eyes flit over the landscape of rooftops from her vantage point, she feels her heart twang in symphony with the call.

Almost like it’s calling out to her personally.

‘Come out here Asha.’
‘Come pray.’
‘Come live.’
‘Come and be.’

Shaking her head to disperse the pointless musings of her restless heart, Asha goes to make ‘Wudh’u’: ablutions for her noon prayer.

 There is no time for silly thoughts.There are prayers to be made. Cooking to be done. And she has to get back to the office soon.

As she walks out she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Full lips. Almond shaped twinkiling brown eyes. Curly wisps of hair have escaped from the confines of her professional hair bun and fall prettily accross her shoulders. ‘I have a beautiful face’ she muses. And as she turns to walk out of the room, ‘And a generous behind too! That is after all, my African heritage!’

Asha is half black. Half Arab.

She is a black Arab. Or an Arab African.

Caught between two worlds.

…..To Be Continued….

African Racism

Why is it acceptable for black people to hate on other black people freely? Why do people just accept it or brush it off when racism is coming from within the same race?

Today, I had a friend call the Kenyan athletes (who just won 10,000M at the commonwealth games) , ‘a bunch of monkeys running about.’

Screeeeeeeeeeech. HALT. Rewind. Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?

OK, firstly, just because you are black, does NOT give you the right to say that. The fact that you are a Somali (who looks down on ‘Bantu’ Africans) does not allow you to throw around racist comments like that. Secondly, it is ludicrous that you accuse me of NOT HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOUR when I call you up on it. I do not find jokes that ridicule other races funny.

Do you think I am over reacting readers?

I just think its pathetic that we find it acceptable to be racist within our own race. There are many terms for different degrees of black: ‘yellow yellow’, ‘high yellow’, ‘deep red’¬† These terms refer to the different complexions within the black race. Some can be used in a complimentary fashion-but others in a derogatory way. Especially those referring to the darker complexions. With enough hate coming from other races, why are we heaping even more crap on each other. One does not shit in one’s own backyard.

*Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath*

I am proud to be Kenyan. I am proud to be African. My brown behind is as African as you’re black one. Do not even THINK I won’t tackle you and put you in a headlock the next time you insult my peoples. You have been warned.

Rant over.

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