Hijabi Work Wear

I have been a bit lax at updating the blog with my new looks. I have however been taking pics 🙂 So shall be posting them one by one.

Here was yesterdays look.

Its summer and I love the contrasting pastels 🙂



Sad Posts

I hate it when my poetry goes all dark.

I’m not sad.

Not really.

I have yellow daffodils.

And a miniature pink hippo.

Also, lots of strawberries.


Life is good Alhamdulillah

Before You

Before you, I was shades of grey

I didn’t know the warmth of the sun’s caress on a summers day

Before you, a plum was just a plum

A song, just a song.

Colours were dull.

And music was monotone.

Before you, I didn’t know love

I didn’t know pain

I didn’t know longing.

Before you, I didn’t even know my hearts name.

I was numb

I was cold

A shadow, walking amongst the living

Before you, before you…

I was black and blue.

And love was just a feeling.


Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (film)

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Something about the deep south fascinates me. Southern belles, famous Southern hospitality, the undulating accent, the mystery of the bayou and slave history…

Okay, maybe its because I’m reading ‘Divine Secrets of The YA-YA Sisterhood‘ by Rebecca Wells and LOVING IT!!!! It has easily stormed its way into my no.10 favorite books and I haven’t even finished it yet.

I want to name my daughter something whimsical like Lullamay or Siddalee.

I want to have a big wide brimmed hat, a beautiful sundress, and a penchance for high tea.

Oh, if you haven’t read the book please do! And by the way, the movie does NOT do it justice.

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