Posts In My Head

I run around dreaming of writing.

Day in, day out, I walk around composing posts in my head.

I formulate paragraphs and sentences. Fill in the gaps with funny anecdotes.

All day. All in my head.

Why don’t I put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard)?

Well. Good question.

A baby, a full time job, and a husband, a house. A few reasons.

None, entirely good enough.

Hello writing! I’ve missed you.

I have much to say. And I will attempt to start from where we last left of.

I had a baby! His name is Simba. And he is the cutest little boy you ever saw. Alhamdulillah.

Readers, be prepared for lots of baby posts 😉

Lets …BEGIN!



Hijabi Work Wear

I have been a bit lax at updating the blog with my new looks. I have however been taking pics 🙂 So shall be posting them one by one.

Here was yesterdays look.

Its summer and I love the contrasting pastels 🙂


Rusty pen

In other news (ION), I had no idea writing was like riding a bike!

I haven’t written a post in days and days and days. And I honestly feel …rusty.

The words flow with a bit more difficulty that usual. The letters seem to trip over each other in their haste to be typed, but then get jumbled up about how to lay quietly on the page.


My metaphors stink too.

I guess its deserving really.

If you don’t sharpen a tool at least once in a while, it WILL go blunt.


I hereby sharpen thee! Oh pen of mine!

And I vow not to let you go rusty and unused, unloved and unwanted, unfettered with pregnant words….ever again!

With these words, I hereby renew my vows to thee. And may this journey of similes and adverbs….be littered with smiles and triumphs for a long time to come.

Onwards and beyond!

He lives in a pineapple under the sea!!


Absorbent and porous and yellow is he.



Now that that’s outta the way…

What I wanted to say was…

I am a sponge. A ‘literary’ Sponge Bob.

I am an emotional sponge. An intellectual sponge. A mojo sponge. A mood sponge. A blogging sponge.

The blogs, books, magazines etcetera that I read influence how I write.

If I was a superhero, I would be the one whose power was to absorb other peoples’ power.


Now, its an okay-ish power. If you absorb nice moods, good feelings and good mojo.

But when you absorb negativity (the sponge doesn’t discriminate, yo) it can result in some weird and wonderful situations.

After watching an Indian flick, I get all ….head bobby, and romantic, and emotional. LOL.

After reading a really intense philosophical book…yeah you guessed it….I get all Freudian on everyone.

And after spending time with my very blonde friends, I realize that I have deep fried my last remaining brain cell.

Why am I telling you this?


Its because I want to apologize.

I feel my writes sometimes lack any form of coherence. One minute I’m a touchy feely blogger. The next I have decided I am strongly political. One minute I am a feminist and an activist. And the next, I am a proud Muslim Blogger.


To be fair, this blog is a reflection of the writer. A mirror image of QQ. And I can be any one of the above types of blogger, or ALL of them. Maybe all in one day.

However, I should set a specific TONE for this blog.

A feel.

A focus.

You know?

Like, if u read my writes anywhere  else; On another blog, or site, or paper, or magazine (who knows?! I think big!) , you will automatically know that it’s me! You would smile and nod. And even wave! ‘Hi QQ. We see you!’


I want a distinctive taste.

A unique scent.

A personalized stamp to my work. Like a genomic blueprint.


I shall get there.

But, to be a master, one must first study the greats.

So in my path to being a better writer, I shall experiment with different writing styles.

Dear reader.

Bear with me, as I take a journey through the Shakespears and the Chinua Achebes. The Quraan, and the Emily Brontes. The blogs and the magazines.

My ‘sponge-like style’ is where we are at.

Where we are going? Who knows…

Let’s take a journey.




I Been Gone, Gone For So Long

Monkeys Blogging

Ya, I don't know what that means either

‘Sup peeps.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.

Many, many, many apologies.

You can look forward to several new posts coming up ASAP.

And I hope never, ever, ever to be parted from Qilma and my beloved readers ever, ever again.


Withdrawal symptoms people. REAL symptoms yo.

It was rough.

Lets just say I’m glad I’m back.

And that leprechaun-in-a-tutu incident (he was begging me to put up a post) is totally behind me now.

Mad Love.


Ignoring my readers


Bored anyone?

I have been ignoring you dear readers. Ahem, I’m sure you are there. (Hey, don’t scoff! You, back there, I can hear you sniggering! ) Maybe not in maaaaaaaaaaajor numbers. But enough. I have the statistics to back it up, yo!

Where was I? Oh, yes. I have not been faithful in putting up posts regularly.

I apologize.

I usually hate it when I make the effort of typing the URL of one of my favorite blogs, only to find no new articles. (Diasporadical I’m talking about you) It usually breaks my heart. I hear the clink and clatter as the pieces of my shattered little heart smash to the floor. Ok, so I’m over dramatising a little, but you get the picture 🙂

Basically, NO MAS (thats no more, for those of you who haven’t watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua.. or those who don’t speak Spanish)

No more, no more, no more.

I promise to do my best.

I pledge to have a new scintillating post every day (OK, maybe every other day….and maybe not scintillating every time…:) )

I vow to wow with anecdotes and witty banter.

Be prepared to bask in my attentiveness.

Readers, you have been forewarned.

Overzealous blogging here I come!


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