Sad Posts

I hate it when my poetry goes all dark.

I’m not sad.

Not really.

I have yellow daffodils.

And a miniature pink hippo.

Also, lots of strawberries.


Life is good Alhamdulillah


Rusty pen

In other news (ION), I had no idea writing was like riding a bike!

I haven’t written a post in days and days and days. And I honestly feel …rusty.

The words flow with a bit more difficulty that usual. The letters seem to trip over each other in their haste to be typed, but then get jumbled up about how to lay quietly on the page.


My metaphors stink too.

I guess its deserving really.

If you don’t sharpen a tool at least once in a while, it WILL go blunt.


I hereby sharpen thee! Oh pen of mine!

And I vow not to let you go rusty and unused, unloved and unwanted, unfettered with pregnant words….ever again!

With these words, I hereby renew my vows to thee. And may this journey of similes and adverbs….be littered with smiles and triumphs for a long time to come.

Onwards and beyond!

Diligent joy

Eat, Pray, Love

A must read!

I love love love the book ‘Pray, Eat , Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. FYI the movie was crap. Don’t watch it. Read the book if you haven’t; Its life changing.

Anyhow, I got the idea of Diligent joy from this book. Its an amazing concept that I just can’t get enough of. See, people universally think that happiness is a stroke of luck. Something that may descend upon them magically. But that’s not how it works. Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You must strive for it, fight for it, insist upon it, even travel to a different country searching for it. Whatever it takes. You  must actively cultivate happiness, and once you have it, become diligent in maintaining it.

Its easy to be an inert passenger in the journey of your life. You hate your work-‘Ah well’. You’re not happy in your marriage-‘Oh, it was not meant to be’. You feel unfulfilled in life- ‘Allah Karim’.

In a way, its a cultural disease. Lol. I heard a comedian once joke that Muslims are the only people on earth who could get hit by a bus and  on the same day, get struck by lightening, lose all their money, and then get mauled by a runaway bear. And at the end of it all-send up a prayer of thanks – Alhamdulillah.

This is a beautiful thing. And it is a sign of a strong and devout Muslim.

However, this should not translate into accepting suffering needlessly. Accepting unhappiness as though it is a normal state of affairs.

And so, if we find ourselves in a state of unfulfillment, instead of accepting it as our lot from God, Allah would love to hear us pray. Pray AND actively extract ourselves from those sticky, gummy, unhappy emotions with all our effort. God helps those who help themselves.

Diligent joy.

Actively seeking, hoping, praying and working towards contentment.

This may seem like a selfish act. Should I really spend that much time praying and working towards my own happiness? What about the many child soldiers, beggars, orphans. Should I not pray for them? Shouldn’t I be grateful- I may be unhappy, but I am still blessed compared to many other suffering souls.

Granted, that is a fairly good argument. But, the search for contentment is not just a self-preserving and self-benefiting act, but also a great gift to the world. Yes, you heard me. You being happy, makes the world happy.

Think of all the times you have been upset, or moody, or unhappy. How many times did you pass that bad vibe forward? How many times did you react grumpily to your co-worker, snap at your husband, honk at the idiot in the next car? Imagine all that negative energy out there in the world spouting from your black mood. Getting passed on from one person to the next person.

An unhappy, unhealthy cell, makes for an unhappy, unhealthy body. In the same way, an unhappy individual is an obstacle to the happiness of so many other individuals in the world!

I know I sound hippy-esque and new-age modern crazy. But its such a beautiful concept. It just makes sense.

Now go forth, and be happy.



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Something about the deep south fascinates me. Southern belles, famous Southern hospitality, the undulating accent, the mystery of the bayou and slave history…

Okay, maybe its because I’m reading ‘Divine Secrets of The YA-YA Sisterhood‘ by Rebecca Wells and LOVING IT!!!! It has easily stormed its way into my no.10 favorite books and I haven’t even finished it yet.

I want to name my daughter something whimsical like Lullamay or Siddalee.

I want to have a big wide brimmed hat, a beautiful sundress, and a penchance for high tea.

Oh, if you haven’t read the book please do! And by the way, the movie does NOT do it justice.

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