ICC Verdict Kenya

Presidential aspirants William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang will be committed to full trial.

“On the case against Mr Ruto and Mr Uhuru, the chamber was satisfied that they are criminally responsible for the alleged crimes as indirect perpetrators of the crimes. But the Chamber does not believe that the Kenya Police was involved in the crimes. It is for this reason why we did not find the evidence against Mr Ali enough to sustain the charges… the chamber found substantial ground to believe there was an attack against civilian residents in Nakuru and Naivasha, in particular those belonging to Luos, Luhya and Kalenjin tribes.” Judge Trendafilova

Kenyans reactions on twitter:

@kenyangetter ‘Why was everyone banking on riots on the announcements? @reuters *sigh*  ICC

@TheRealBraWilly ‘Wot will b impact of ICCs veridic regarding Ocampo6 (now 4) on the yet 2b confirmed national elections? We are all wondering’

@capitalFM_kenya ‘ ICC website crashes as Kenyans eagerly await outcome of cases against six kenyan suspects Ocampo6’

Teren Teren…



Developments, Reactions and Opinions from Ocampo’s List

There has been MOB drama.

The face of Kenyan politics. Is no longer the same.

For us in the diaspora, getting access to real time information during the release of Ocampo’s list was surprisingly DIFFICULT. I typed ‘Ocampo’s List’ in so many search engines, trying to find ONE live broadcast, or ONE up-to date article.


Our media, was not capable of keeping up with the demand of its news hungry readers.

The DailyNation site shut down.

The Live broadcasts by Citizen were freezing. Sending me stupid messages such as ‘ Quota of maximum number of viewers has been reached’


I had to rely on twitter.

To my lovely tweeps whose ears were on the ground while their thumbs where feverently tweeting, Thank you!

Shout out to @Wamathai @ArcherMishale @DiaspoRadical @Ubabz for keeping us informed during the proceedings. Mad love.

Since then, there have been many articles popping up all over the place. Hastily put together, in response to the demand of questing readers. Typos, un-substantiated facts galore, opinions steeped in tribalism. Ah. The list is endless. From the blogs, to the newspapers, to twiter and facebook. The frenzy surrounding the Ocampo List has unveiled many unsavory elements to the Nation’s mindset.


When the news about the six had started to settle. And we had all commenced to digest the matter. I tried finding the reactions of the guilty six to the news.

Again. I was disappointed.

Comments such as ‘Shame the devil’ and ‘The truth shall prevail, I am innocent’ were being bandied about. I wanted front row seats for the action. Yet, here I was, chewing my nails, frustrated at the lack of online coverage. Grrrr.

For all of you lovely, frustrated readers. I have compiled a summary of events.

1. Ocampo List released: (Recap)

  • Francis Muthaura: Head of the civil service.  Accused of planning the retaliation attacks in Naivasha. Said to have ‘authorised the police to use excessive force and to facilitate attacks against ODM supporters’ (Ocampo)
  • William Ruto: Suspended Higher education minister. Deputy ODM leader. Linked to post election violence and incitement by United Nations Human Rights commission (UNHCR)
  • Henry Kosgey: Tinderet Member of Parliament. Accused of incitement in his area.
  • Hussein Ali: Head of police force. On the list due to acts of omission for failure to send security where they were needed.
  • Uhuru Kenyatta: Finance Minister. Accused of funding the Mungiki who executed revenge attacks on ODM supporters.
  • Joshua Arap Sang: Kass FM presenter. Incitement of violence and tribal hatred on his radio show.

2. Online Media  overwhelmed. Daily Nation site crashes

3. Flurry of tweets: ‘Haiki Yetu!’ ‘Don’t be vague, Go to The Hague!’ etc etc

4. Reactions start filtering through:

  • The Mwananchi:

Call for the named Government officials to resign from their posts. Immediately.

  • Kibaki:

‘….The people who have been mentioned have not yet been fully investigated….Therefore, cannot be judged as guilty until the charges are confirmed. I appeal to Kenyans to remain calm…’

  • Kosgey

‘I am deeply shocked….I had nothing to do with the post-election violence…(I) am innocent.’ He also complained that he was not given the opportunity to respond to any allegations or to assist in the investigation.

  • Kass Fm Journalist (Joshua Arap Sang)

‘I am innocent!’  Appeals for police protection, saying he is ‘small fish’ and other bigger fish are well protected.

  • William Ruto

Appeals against the indictments by Ocampo

  • Ocampo

‘…We will be watching for threats or attacks against witnesses from the suspects because that will transform into requests for arrest warrants’

  • The Mwananchi questions why only 6 were named. Suuuually there were more people involved.

Ocampo says: ‘…These are the people most responsible…’

  • Hurried talks of forming a special tribunal (to try the accused here in Kenya) and withdrawing from the Rome Statute (So that we would not have to abide by the International Criminal Courts rulings)

Too little, too late.

So far, all I can see are people manga mangaring. Scared. And basically saying a la Shaggy: It wasn’t me!

The people of Kenya are crying out for justice. There is the smell of blood in the air. And the mwananchi will not be satisfied until we see justice prevail!

Hear, hear. A salute to you Mr. Ocampo! To a job well done!

Sources: The Standard Online

OCAMPO List – Kenyan Six Have Been Named

The 6 people on Ocampo’s list have been named. In no particular order:

1. Francis Muthaura

2. William Ruto

3. Henry Kosgey

4. Hussein Ali

5. Uhuru Kenyatta

6. Joshua Arap Sang

Cue song: *Haiyaaa Makanju*

Too funny


Things are THIIIIICK!

He he!

May they effectively and swiftly be brought to justice.

The smell of blood is in the air. The flurry and frenzy Kenyans have worked themselves up waiting for this list is unbelievable. Twitter is on fire y’all.

From those breathing a sigh of relief that they were not named, to those trying to figure out escape plans – SIKU ZA MWIZI NI AROBAINI!

Who you gonna call?



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