GUEST POST: Pregnancy And Islam

Is not Allah sufficient for his servant? - II

Bearing a child and becoming a mother, is highly regarded in Islam. We sometimes do not realise how much so.

Pregnancy Hadiths:

When a woman is pregnant with a child, all the angels will make Istighfar (repentance) on her behalf. Allah SWT will, for each day of her pregnancy, write for her 1000 good deeds and erase from her 1000 bad deeds.

When a pregnant woman starts to feel the pain from contractions, Allah (SWT) will write in her records as someone who is doing jihad (Spiritual or physical struggle) in His path.

When a woman becomes pregnant by her husband and he is pleased with her, she obtains the reward of a person engaging in fasting for Allah (SWT) and a person spending the night in Ibaadah (worship).

A woman from the time of pregnancy until childbirth and weaning the baby, is like the Mujahid (someone fighting in the path of Allah SWT) who is stationed on the frontiers of the Islamic land. If she dies during this period, she dies the death of a Shahid (martyr).

Two raka’at salaat performed by a pregnant woman is better than 80 raka’at salaat performed by a non-pregnant woman..

A woman who is pregnant gets the reward of fasting during the day and of doing ibaadah (worship) during the nights.

A woman who gives birth gets the reward of 70 years of salaat (prayer) and fasting. For each vein that feels pain, Allah SWT gives her the reward of one accepted hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah).

If the woman dies within 40 days of giving birth, she will die as a shahid (matyr).

(Hadith)…….”A woman that dies in her virginity or during her pregnancy or at the time of birth or thereafter (in nifaas) will attain the rank of a martyr”

Nabi(SAW) is reported to have also said “When her labour pains commence, the inhabitants of the earth and the sky are unaware of the stores of comfort that are prepared for her. When she delivers and breast feeds her child, then she will be granted a reword for every gulp of milk, if she had to remain awake during the night for the sake of the child, she will receive the reword of emancipating seventy slaves in the path of Allah Ta’ala. O Salaamat! Do you know who these women are? They are pious, upright, with a delicate nature yet obedient to their husbands and not ungrateful to them” [Source: Madrasa In’aamiyyah]

By – Hilwa Khadija


SunniPath – The Online Islamic Academy


Sunni Path

I cannot more strongly advise, encourage or recommend this site.

Mashallah it is what we have all been waiting for.

Instead of sitting back and complaining about lack of knowledge, the evil of the internet, sheiks who are not modern and are falling behind the culture of today and thus not able to advise us…..

Some wonderful people have created SunniPath.

There are online lectures and courses. Places where you can post questions.

About everything and anything.

Sexual Intimacy.

Marriage, family and divorce.

Menses and Womens questions.

Answered by scholars using Quran and Hadith and Sunnah.

Educate yourselves. Arm yourselves with knowledge.



The Extremely Moderate Muslim

Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

As Muslims, our religion and self-image have been dragged through the gutters since 9-11.

We are terrorists. We are evil. We are Arab men with gutteral accents and big beards with even bigger guns. We are inhumane. We kill innocent women and children. In fact we hate women. We are basically the Armageddon and the Devil and the Axis of Evil, all rolled into one.

That is what is being shoved down our throats on a daily basis.






Basically everywhere you turn, we are being stoned, boo-d, and heckled for being Muslim.

Now, Muslims have responded to this atrocious assault at our faith in different ways.

Some have become more devoted. Learnt all the passages in the Quran and Hadith relevant to making astute counter arguments when having to defend Islam against any nay-sayers.

Some have learnt to live with it. Just developed thick skin and learnt to turn the other cheek.

Others have chosen to bury their heads under the sand. Denial City. If I cannot see all the hate and the insults and affronts to my religious beliefs, maybe they will….go away?

And finally, some have decided to go down the ‘Moderate Path’

Idiot: (To generic brown man) ‘Hey you! Osama! ‘ *Cackles*

Brown man: ‘Who? Me? Nah mein! My name is A-dawg!’ (It’s actually Ahmed)

Idiot: ‘You are..are..a terrorist! (Best insult he can think of) Go back to where you came from!’

Brown man: ‘ No, no. I’m one of the ‘good’ Muslims. I don’t do any of that crazy shit. I’m cool. Look! *Downs a beer* See? Look, look! *Grabs a girl’s ass* Don’t you see??? I am totally for gays. And for lesbians too. Even though I don’t swing that way. I also love women’s rights! I don’t mind if a woman is a stripper, or wants to wear underwear as outerwear! I am one of you!’

Okay, so I am exaggerating a little.

But lately, I have noticed that we go to great lengths to make non-Muslims more comfortable in our presence.

And if that means saying: ‘I’m okay with gays!’

Or: ‘I don’t mind if you drink beer while I just sit here and watch and get bored’

We are basically trying so hard to say: ‘I am not a terrorist. I am not like them. I am a moderate, normal Muslim.’

Moderation is recommended in Islam. In fact it is lauded. By Hadith and Sunnah.

The problem is when people take moderation too far.

In trying so hard to blend in , and be LESS OBTRUSIVELY MUSLIM, we forget who are.

We become pseudo Muslim.

Be wary the path you choose to walk down.

You may make your co-workers less uncomfortable.

You may feel better about yourself because that brain-washing from T.V has started to make you question if you are actually as evil as they claim.

You may even make more friends and have more fun this way. (After all, GayBestFriends look like soooo much fun on T.V)

But do it with self-awareness.

Accept that you are now a fraud.

A shell of what you once were.

An ‘Extremely Moderate Muslim’

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