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Okay I know it isn’t in good blogging form to post many posts at once.

But hey, you guys know me by now.

I err, disappear for a while, and then suddenly WHAM! A mass of posts at once πŸ™‚

This is my favourite silk shirt. I love the colour. It works well casual or formal.


Hijabi Work Wear

I have been a bit lax at updating the blog with my new looks. I have however been taking pics πŸ™‚ So shall be posting them one by one.

Here was yesterdays look.

Its summer and I love the contrasting pastels πŸ™‚


Hijabi Workwear – Converse

Somedays I just feel the need to be comfortable. Especially days where I’m going toΒ be doing a 13 hour shift running up and down stairs to different wards.

Converse trainers (Office 40 pounds). Comfortable trousers( Gap, 40pounds)Stretchy top HnM (10 pounds) Hijab (gifted)

Out the door.

Hijab Wedding Style

Thats me πŸ™‚ For my cousins wedding.

Basically, a new Hijab Evening Style.

You take your dress to the fabric store. Pick out fabric that matches the dress (mine was pink)

And then go to the salon to get the lady to pin it up in an elaborate Up-do.

You can add brooches (Like my gold one, because my dress had gold accents), or flowers, or whatever else takes your fancy.

Use different kinds of fabrics, glittery, satiny, silk etc etc

Basially, LOTS OF FUN!!!

Hijabi Work Wear: Bright Colours

Don’t be afraid to go BRIGHT.

When its dark and gloomy weather outside, colours will lift your mood and make for a better work day.

Top: New Look, 15 pounds, Scarf: New Look, 7 pounds, Trousers: River Island, 30 pounds, Wedges (not picture): ASOS, 30 pounds.

Hijabi Work Wear : Beige

I love random hijabs. This hijab I like because the pattern (close up) looks like ice cream cones.

The trousers were a bargain from Gap. They were in the Christmas sale for 15 pounds. Down from 45 pounds. Bargain, yes? πŸ˜›

They were long, so I had to hem them…and I HATE hemming!

But I recently discovered ‘Magic Hemming Tape’, which has now given me the licence to shop in the Sales section..without worrying about looking for Petite sizes!

Previously, I only found petite trousers SOMETIMES Β in Gap, River Island,Β Dorothy Perkins and Next. The key word being SOMETIMES. LOL. Usually the best/most fashionable trousers are only available in ‘Long’. Grr.

Most of us are SHORT dammit! Why don’t they provide for us?


Besides, Im not THAT short. (5’1 isn’t thaaat short. Honest!)

My taller friend has a problem in that she is too tall for ‘short’ trousers. And too short for ‘tall’ trousers. She falls somewhere in between. Again, the magic hemming tape came to the rescue.

You basically just iron it on.

See?…..MAGIC! :p

And if you hate sewing (like me) or, you’re too busy (like me) …this will be a time saver.

Costs like 2 pounds from Tesco. Look in the sewing section (in the beauty aisles)

Aaaanyway, here’s the outfit.

Again, was rushing out the door to work. So don’t be too harsh πŸ˜› I promise I shall get better at self-taken pics. *Pause* *Insert self-deprecating humour* :p

(Hijab: HnM 10 pounds, TShirt: Zara 12 pounds, Cardigan: HnM 9 pounds, Trousers: Gap 15 pounds, Leopard print flats, not pictured, 15 pounds Claires)Β 

Hijabi Work Wear: Dresses

So this is my ‘Bargain Of The Week’

Its a beautiful silk dress from Banana Republic. Originally 98 pounds. I got it for the bargain price of….*drum roll* 13 pounds.

Hijab (can’t remember where from), super dark black tights (Dorothy Perkins, 7 pounds), cardigan (Zara, 18 pounds), suede wedge shoes (ASOS 30 pounds)

PS: Please ignore the grainy pics. I was walking out the door to go to work.

Hijabi Work Wear

Hijabi in front of the Sultan Hassan Mosque (l...


Since third year of medical school, I have been wearing formal clothes.

I own more formal clothes than I do casual.

Hence a ‘work wear’ piece is ….a good place to start.

So. I thought it would help to start with a few tips.

1. Cardigans

Long cardigans, short cardigans,wooly cardigans. They are your best friends.

The top you love in River Island isn’t long sleeved? The answer: Cardigan.

The gorgeous formal shirt from United Colours Of Benneton is too fitted? Answer: Cardigan.

The trousers you want to wear are a little too tight around the bottom? Answer: Cardigan! (a long one)

I have a huge range of cardies. Long ones, leopard print ones, polka dots, floral prints. HnM is clearly the best place to get cardies for good value. Usually they go for around 10-15 pounds ish.

When it gets hot? Switch to the ones in a jersey material. They are harder to find. And only come out in summer time. My advice: stock up. Lots and lots of different colours.

2. A good trouser fit

There is nothing worse than a pair of trousers that don’t fit well. As a hijabi, you really don’t want them too tight. You also don’t want them so big you look like you’re drowning in them. I NEVER buy trousers without trying them on first. Different styles suit different body shapes. Try on trousers in different stores, try new styles. You might be surprised at what suits you!

I am short, petite, and pear shaped (read, big ass! lol) And I was super surprised when peg leg trousers looked good on me. Granted I only tried the trousers on in the first place because they were on sale…. lol. But they worked for me. Loose. Comfortable. Tailored. Stylish.

3. The matching issue

Okay. Your hijab doesn’t always have to match perfectly. Nor do your shoes, cardigan or bag. Sometimes, try NOT matching. A grey pair of pants, go with a blue cardigan.

A green hijab, goes with a brown pair of flats.

Mix and match items in your wardrobe and have fun with them.

4. Shoes

Work shoes. Well it depends what kind of work you do. I am on the go ALL the time. So I prefer flats. I CANNOT wear heels to work. I wish I could. There is just something about wearing heels. You walk different, feel different. It just gives you that extra edge of confidence.

If you can’t wear heels, or like me you run around a lot at work, try wedges.

They’re great. You get the added height, without the bunions :p

5. Skirts

Okay. So most work-wear skirts or dresses tend to be short. Or tight. Or short and tight.

Now, I have said before I am not an overly strict hijabi…

So, I make do.

I wear really, really dark, thick tights.

Some of you, might frown on this idea…fair enough. But it works for me.

If it doesn’t work for you..I would definitely go with long skirts. Yes, they are harder to come by in UK shops. But be on the look out…and you will be surprised. Summer is usually the best time to get long flowy skirts…Get a few in different colours and stagger your wearing of them.

6. Have Fun

Have fun with colours. With combinations of outfits. With shoes.

When I look good, I automatically make myself feel better, and I tend to have a better day at work.

The compliments help also :p

Plus, I like that I change peoples perceptions of Hijabis.

Most people tell me I look really good for a Hijabi. Some may take that as an insult, or a reflection on their…need to look more austere (more ‘Hijabi’) I just take it as Β a compliment.

Stay tuned for my next post: My first Work Wear Outfit. πŸ™‚


Hijabi Evening Wear 101

So you have been invited for a dinner or a wedding or a birthday party.

Get out your glad rags and get ready to have a good time!! Woop woop!!

Only problem is, its a mixed event. Boys AND girls. Sigh.

Okay so put away that mini skirt πŸ˜‰ and pull out your jilbaab?

Lol. No. Lets try and russle up some tips for planning the perfect Hijabi Evening Outfit.

1. Sparkle

Nuff said :p Diamantes, sequins. Basically bring out the BLING πŸ˜€

2. Nice fabric for the Hijab

Put away the cotton/pashminas/heavy ‘rug like’ hijabs. We need silk, and chiffon, and satin. End of.

3.Colour is your best friend.

You sometimes find someone wearing a gorgeous dress, but because they did not have a matching hijab, they pair it with….a BLACK hijab! Egads! Which brings me to my next point….

4. Don’t be too ‘Matchy-Matchy’

There is a trend of trying to find the perfect EXACT colour of hijab to go with the EXACT shade of I dunno, red of a dress. No no no. Pairing a red hijab with a red dress with red acessories and red shoes!!! Yugh!! You will end up looking like a red lollipop. Do not be afraid to experiment with colours. A leopard print top I had yesterday surprisingly matched well with a GREEN hijab I had in my closet.
Do not be afraid to put on random colours. Sometimes they surprise you and match well. Also contrasting colours can be hot! Fuscia pink and light blue for example. Odd combination but done well, it can work.

Now this is a disclaimer right hurr.
For experienced Hijabi Fashion Gurus: all this is pretty obvious. But bear with me. We have to lay the ground works first.

For the rest of us. Its all about getting ideas. And pulling ourselves out of that rut of wearing the same style of hijab evey day. Or the same colours. Or the same kind of look.

I went through a time where I only wore black Hijabs. Always. Every day.

I also have a thing where I have two favourite hijabs. And I wear them with everything.

We all have our Hijab disasters and Hijab secret BAD fashion confessions. (future posts. Lol)

Also I am far from a perfect Muslimah. So my idea of Hijab might not be your idea of the ‘perfect Hijab’ So please withhold your accusations and fatwas. I am just putting forth what I wear. It may not be exactly right by Islamic Jurispudence. But..hey. Alhamdullah I wear hijab every day.

Okay okay back to the list!!

5. Hijab acessories

Experiment with different Hijab pins. They add a bit of glam to your outfit.

5. Hair Do’s and Dont’s

Always always make sure your hair underneath your hijab looks good. If your hair looks beautiful, you will feel confident and gorgeous on your evening. Nasty, matted, un-combed hair under your hijab is definitely a no-no ANYWAYS, but on an evening out ESPECIALLY.

Okay here is my outfit from last night:
Top, shoes, evening bag: all from Monsoon sale. Skinny jeans: Dorothy Perkins. Hijab(not pictured): gifted.


Hijabi Fashion

Okay I know there are SOME sites about Hijabi Fashion. And they are more interested in fashion fashion. Like high fashion. Or hijab styles (how to tie them, how to wear them, where to buy them)

But I wanted to start a hijabi ‘day to day’ fashion blog. What to wear with your hijab. Where to buy long sleeve shirts/tops/long skirts in a specific season. Mostly in UK and in Kenya.

‘What I am wearing today’ will be a prominent feature. Also features of other people hopefully πŸ™‚ (my readers) once you start sending in photos and profiles.

I work a lot – so there will be a ‘Hijabi Fashion at work’ feature.

Basically its more of a photo blog where we can all come to get ideas on how to put a hijabi outfit together.

So enought talk! More action.

I will start by an ‘Evening Hijabi outfit’ post.

Next post coming up ASAP πŸ™‚

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