ICC Verdict Kenya

Presidential aspirants William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Cabinet Secretary Francis Muthaura and radio presenter Joshua arap Sang will be committed to full trial.

“On the case against Mr Ruto and Mr Uhuru, the chamber was satisfied that they are criminally responsible for the alleged crimes as indirect perpetrators of the crimes. But the Chamber does not believe that the Kenya Police was involved in the crimes. It is for this reason why we did not find the evidence against Mr Ali enough to sustain the charges… the chamber found substantial ground to believe there was an attack against civilian residents in Nakuru and Naivasha, in particular those belonging to Luos, Luhya and Kalenjin tribes.” Judge Trendafilova

Kenyans reactions on twitter:

@kenyangetter ‘Why was everyone banking on riots on the announcements? @reuters *sigh*  ICC

@TheRealBraWilly ‘Wot will b impact of ICCs veridic regarding Ocampo6 (now 4) on the yet 2b confirmed national elections? We are all wondering’

@capitalFM_kenya ‘ ICC website crashes as Kenyans eagerly await outcome of cases against six kenyan suspects Ocampo6’

Teren Teren…



The Extremely Moderate Muslim

Hadith Oliyankara Juma Masjid

As Muslims, our religion and self-image have been dragged through the gutters since 9-11.

We are terrorists. We are evil. We are Arab men with gutteral accents and big beards with even bigger guns. We are inhumane. We kill innocent women and children. In fact we hate women. We are basically the Armageddon and the Devil and the Axis of Evil, all rolled into one.

That is what is being shoved down our throats on a daily basis.






Basically everywhere you turn, we are being stoned, boo-d, and heckled for being Muslim.

Now, Muslims have responded to this atrocious assault at our faith in different ways.

Some have become more devoted. Learnt all the passages in the Quran and Hadith relevant to making astute counter arguments when having to defend Islam against any nay-sayers.

Some have learnt to live with it. Just developed thick skin and learnt to turn the other cheek.

Others have chosen to bury their heads under the sand. Denial City. If I cannot see all the hate and the insults and affronts to my religious beliefs, maybe they will….go away?

And finally, some have decided to go down the ‘Moderate Path’

Idiot: (To generic brown man) ‘Hey you! Osama! ‘ *Cackles*

Brown man: ‘Who? Me? Nah mein! My name is A-dawg!’ (It’s actually Ahmed)

Idiot: ‘You are..are..a terrorist! (Best insult he can think of) Go back to where you came from!’

Brown man: ‘ No, no. I’m one of the ‘good’ Muslims. I don’t do any of that crazy shit. I’m cool. Look! *Downs a beer* See? Look, look! *Grabs a girl’s ass* Don’t you see??? I am totally for gays. And for lesbians too. Even though I don’t swing that way. I also love women’s rights! I don’t mind if a woman is a stripper, or wants to wear underwear as outerwear! I am one of you!’

Okay, so I am exaggerating a little.

But lately, I have noticed that we go to great lengths to make non-Muslims more comfortable in our presence.

And if that means saying: ‘I’m okay with gays!’

Or: ‘I don’t mind if you drink beer while I just sit here and watch and get bored’

We are basically trying so hard to say: ‘I am not a terrorist. I am not like them. I am a moderate, normal Muslim.’

Moderation is recommended in Islam. In fact it is lauded. By Hadith and Sunnah.

The problem is when people take moderation too far.

In trying so hard to blend in , and be LESS OBTRUSIVELY MUSLIM, we forget who are.

We become pseudo Muslim.

Be wary the path you choose to walk down.

You may make your co-workers less uncomfortable.

You may feel better about yourself because that brain-washing from T.V has started to make you question if you are actually as evil as they claim.

You may even make more friends and have more fun this way. (After all, GayBestFriends look like soooo much fun on T.V)

But do it with self-awareness.

Accept that you are now a fraud.

A shell of what you once were.

An ‘Extremely Moderate Muslim’

How Our Kenyan MPs Fail Us..Again. And Again. And Again


I am soooooo embarrassed to be Kenyan right now.


For the first time in a …long time.

Me, the person who screams ‘KENYAN TILL I DIE!!!’ at every opportunity

What is this nonsense? Eh!

Ati the parliament has decided to pull Kenya out of the ICC (International Criminal Court) treaty.

The shenanigans…and that’s the only word that can be used to describe what happened…that occurred for that motion to pass. Eh. Ridiculous!

The motion was tabled by Chepalungo MP Isaac Ruto, then amended (due to being Un-constitutional), then sijui tabled again. All rules of parliamentary procedure were ignored.

All but one MP voted for the motion to PASS. Yes, it passed.

The only voice of sanity was MP Martha Karua.

Reading some of the quotes from idiots who defend the six accused, I cannot be more ashamed.

“It is only Africans from former colonies who are being tried at the ICC. No American or British will be tried at the ICC and we should not willingly allow ourselves to return to colonialism’’

“There is nothing we cannot handle. As a sovereign country, no other Kenyan who will be tried on foreign land. Let the six go but we have now learnt our lessons.’’

“I cannot imagine somebody like Ambassador Muthaura raping anyone.’’



Yaani, sina la kusema.

We have such IDIOTS. Such MUNGBEANS. Such Effin COWS at our helm?

These are our representatives?

These are the people we VOTED for?

These people who are selling us out?

Who are letting murderers – perpetrators of crimes against HUMANITY – go free?

Defending these murderers instead of protecting the mwananchi??


Martha Karua, You have my vote woman!

Kenyans, stand up and be heard.

They think we are fools.

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