Hijabi Work Wear: Bright Colours

Don’t be afraid to go BRIGHT.

When its dark and gloomy weather outside, colours will lift your mood and make for a better work day.

Top: New Look, 15 pounds, Scarf: New Look, 7 pounds, Trousers: River Island, 30 pounds, Wedges (not picture): ASOS, 30 pounds.


Hijabi Work Wear : Beige

I love random hijabs. This hijab I like because the pattern (close up) looks like ice cream cones.

The trousers were a bargain from Gap. They were in the Christmas sale for 15 pounds. Down from 45 pounds. Bargain, yes? 😛

They were long, so I had to hem them…and I HATE hemming!

But I recently discovered ‘Magic Hemming Tape’, which has now given me the licence to shop in the Sales section..without worrying about looking for Petite sizes!

Previously, I only found petite trousers SOMETIMES  in Gap, River Island, Dorothy Perkins and Next. The key word being SOMETIMES. LOL. Usually the best/most fashionable trousers are only available in ‘Long’. Grr.

Most of us are SHORT dammit! Why don’t they provide for us?


Besides, Im not THAT short. (5’1 isn’t thaaat short. Honest!)

My taller friend has a problem in that she is too tall for ‘short’ trousers. And too short for ‘tall’ trousers. She falls somewhere in between. Again, the magic hemming tape came to the rescue.

You basically just iron it on.

See?…..MAGIC! :p

And if you hate sewing (like me) or, you’re too busy (like me) …this will be a time saver.

Costs like 2 pounds from Tesco. Look in the sewing section (in the beauty aisles)

Aaaanyway, here’s the outfit.

Again, was rushing out the door to work. So don’t be too harsh 😛 I promise I shall get better at self-taken pics. *Pause* *Insert self-deprecating humour* :p

(Hijab: HnM 10 pounds, TShirt: Zara 12 pounds, Cardigan: HnM 9 pounds, Trousers: Gap 15 pounds, Leopard print flats, not pictured, 15 pounds Claires) 

Hijabi Evening Wear 101

So you have been invited for a dinner or a wedding or a birthday party.

Get out your glad rags and get ready to have a good time!! Woop woop!!

Only problem is, its a mixed event. Boys AND girls. Sigh.

Okay so put away that mini skirt 😉 and pull out your jilbaab?

Lol. No. Lets try and russle up some tips for planning the perfect Hijabi Evening Outfit.

1. Sparkle

Nuff said :p Diamantes, sequins. Basically bring out the BLING 😀

2. Nice fabric for the Hijab

Put away the cotton/pashminas/heavy ‘rug like’ hijabs. We need silk, and chiffon, and satin. End of.

3.Colour is your best friend.

You sometimes find someone wearing a gorgeous dress, but because they did not have a matching hijab, they pair it with….a BLACK hijab! Egads! Which brings me to my next point….

4. Don’t be too ‘Matchy-Matchy’

There is a trend of trying to find the perfect EXACT colour of hijab to go with the EXACT shade of I dunno, red of a dress. No no no. Pairing a red hijab with a red dress with red acessories and red shoes!!! Yugh!! You will end up looking like a red lollipop. Do not be afraid to experiment with colours. A leopard print top I had yesterday surprisingly matched well with a GREEN hijab I had in my closet.
Do not be afraid to put on random colours. Sometimes they surprise you and match well. Also contrasting colours can be hot! Fuscia pink and light blue for example. Odd combination but done well, it can work.

Now this is a disclaimer right hurr.
For experienced Hijabi Fashion Gurus: all this is pretty obvious. But bear with me. We have to lay the ground works first.

For the rest of us. Its all about getting ideas. And pulling ourselves out of that rut of wearing the same style of hijab evey day. Or the same colours. Or the same kind of look.

I went through a time where I only wore black Hijabs. Always. Every day.

I also have a thing where I have two favourite hijabs. And I wear them with everything.

We all have our Hijab disasters and Hijab secret BAD fashion confessions. (future posts. Lol)

Also I am far from a perfect Muslimah. So my idea of Hijab might not be your idea of the ‘perfect Hijab’ So please withhold your accusations and fatwas. I am just putting forth what I wear. It may not be exactly right by Islamic Jurispudence. But..hey. Alhamdullah I wear hijab every day.

Okay okay back to the list!!

5. Hijab acessories

Experiment with different Hijab pins. They add a bit of glam to your outfit.

5. Hair Do’s and Dont’s

Always always make sure your hair underneath your hijab looks good. If your hair looks beautiful, you will feel confident and gorgeous on your evening. Nasty, matted, un-combed hair under your hijab is definitely a no-no ANYWAYS, but on an evening out ESPECIALLY.

Okay here is my outfit from last night:
Top, shoes, evening bag: all from Monsoon sale. Skinny jeans: Dorothy Perkins. Hijab(not pictured): gifted.



Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.

Anais Nin

When you’re dreaming with a broken heart…

Like A Fish Out Of Water

Restlessness gnaws at the tendrils of my consciousness.
Pulling me askew.
I trip along.
A kaleidoscope of jumbled, hazy, half eaten dreams.
Why am I struggling to breathe?
I know I don’t belong here.
Squirming, slipping, gasping.
Searing red pain.
Why does this feel so wrong?
My smile is plastic.
My heart, moulded in stone.
Anxiety dips mottled, gnarled fingers in my mind.
Swirling my thoughts as a witch her cauldron.
Helplessness holds me hostage.
With bonds of brimstone and steel.
Gasping for release.
Allah, take my hand…


I’m tired.

Because my life is hurting.

I’m hurting.

Because my heart is bleeding.

Gushing, pouring, seeping, streaming.


Pulses of warm, fragrant, liquid life.

My heart is emptied.

My Dream Wedding

I’m always planning my wedding.


When I see a beautiful beach.

Or a beautiful dress in a magazine.

Or a lovely hairstyle.

I  love watching wedding shows!

I’m addicted. Any kind of wedding shows. Cheesy ones, American ones, horrible British ones.

I love looking at other people’s wedding pictures. (Facebook = a gold mine! Lol.)

‘Oh that colour combination is nice’

‘I would never wear that dress with those arms!’

‘Bad choice of shoes’

I don’t just enjoy it. I revel in it. Its my favorite pass time.

I read wedding blogs (whatjunebugloves is a good one)

I attend wedding shows.

I must admit the one thing I haven’t yet done is buy wedding magazines. I refuse to actually spend money on this insane obsession. (Yes, I am aware that it is insane. LOL)

I have this belief that when I start spending money on a wedding I don’t actually have, then I have officially gone over the edge.

Until then, I only read the wedding magazines at the salon. Or at the Doctor’s office. Lol.

What is it about weddings?


Is it the idea of romance? Of love?

Is it the idea of being the centre of attention?

Being the most beautiful person in the room?

Having the people you love the most surround you and wish you well?

Being able to commit yourself to the person you love forever and ever?

In a unique way that represents both of your personalities and cultures?

Is it the bringing together of many generations? Grandchildren and aunties. Sisters and cousins.

Or is it the excitement of planning and fun associated with it?

Or maybe…………..it’s ALL OF THAT?


I love love love weddings!

I don’t know if I want a destination wedding. Or a traditional wedding. Or a home spun wedding?

Maybe I’ll have it on a beach. Or a beautiful Grecian hall. Or in the garden behind our house.


So many options! So many options!!

* Deep breath *

* Composes self *

The fact that I don’t have a groom as yet…




I don’t mind though.

I spend many, happy hours browsing and criticizing other people’s weddings.


Some people have shopping or sports.

I have Weddings.


* Off to browse Junebug Weddings *

Before You

Before you, I was shades of grey

I didn’t know the warmth of the sun’s caress on a summers day

Before you, a plum was just a plum

A song, just a song.

Colours were dull.

And music was monotone.

Before you, I didn’t know love

I didn’t know pain

I didn’t know longing.

Before you, I didn’t even know my hearts name.

I was numb

I was cold

A shadow, walking amongst the living

Before you, before you…

I was black and blue.

And love was just a feeling.

Muslim Women Stand Up!

I have worn Hijab all my life.

Well. Not ALL my life 🙂

I started wearing it for fun when I was 10 or 11.

I admired how it looked on my mother, my aunties, my older cousins.

In the same way a little girl wants to put on make – up and high heels, because she cannot wait to be all grown up and dress like her mother or big sister.

I also wanted to wear Hijab sooo badly.

In fact I used to steal my mother’s Hijabs. And wear them in my room, looking at the mirror and making cute faces. 🙂

My mother would tell me not to wear it because I was still too young. In fact, many times, she would make me go back to my room to take off the stolen Hijab or abaya (Islamic outer dress) I would stomp off to my room muttering in disgust. Lol. Other times, she would just shake her head and indulge me.

I have loved Hijab for as long as I can remember.

I love how beautiful it is.

How the woman just shines with …an inner glow of …righteousness. Noor.

Headscarves can be black. Or white. Or multi-coloured. They can be little triangles, or strips of long cloth, or even massive swathes of fabric. Cotton, or silk, or satin. Polka dots, leopard print, plain black.

They can be called: Shela, Ilhaaf, Duppata, Scarf, Hijab, Voile.

So many names. So many varieties.

All with the same message.






I have ALWAYS been proud to be a Muslim woman.

Even post 9-11. Or 7-7. I kept my Hijab on.

1 week post 7-7, in London, I walked with my Hijab-covered head held high.

And so did many other women.

Every day, we put on a little triangle or square piece of cloth on our heads, and head out into the world.

To do Jihad.


Jihad in Islam means to fight, yes. But not necessarily to fight with another person.

The battle between you and your conscience is also Jihad.

In fact, it is the biggest jihad. The toughest jihad. A Jihad that we  have to do every day.

For Muslim women, one of the biggest Jihad is, the Jihad of the Headscarf.

We ignore the looks.

And the sneers.

And the cold shoulders.

The people on the bus who will not sit next to you.

The extra security checks on flights.

The co-workers, and class mates who keep away from you. Who exclude you from events/friend groups because they fear you and do not understand you.

The shuffling in an elevator, as people try to keep as physically distant from you as possible.

The sympathetic looks from kind old ladies.

Somehow, those sting more than the evil stares.

Please, dear world.

I am not oppressed.

I am Hijabi. And Proud.

This little piece of cloth on my head.

It means I serve my God.

It means I preserve my chastity.

It means I value myself. I am worth more than my looks.

It means my religion considers my intellect and personality worthy. More valuable than transient beauty.

It means I am proud.

Proud to be Muslim.

So this post is dedicated to all the Hijab wearing Jihadists out there.

Every day, you walk out of your house, and face the world with your shoulders back, and your stride purposeful.

Allah sees you.

I see you.


Muslim Women.

Stand UP!

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