My baby just started walking. On the 13th of August. 26th August was his first time to use the potty properly. I’ll spare you the deets. Lol.

There are so many firsts lately. Alhamdulillah. Its hard to keep up. I’m just trying to enjoy every moment. Every first.

He is so proud that he can walk now. It was a long process until that final day he could actually walk. Started with being able to stand on his own. Then his first two steps. Then the day he took four steps. And then the day he finally took SEVERAL steps. Subhanallah. In coast we say ‘miguu yatoka mbali’ Meaning we came a long way to be able to finally walk.

And boy did my little baby have determination.  Every day. Stood up and sat down like a million times to build his balance and muscle strength. Then the first step… Falls down. Gets up. Falls down again. The dedication and training.

Then came the issue of balance. He walks around in circles…and falls a LOT. To practice balance.

Then came the day he finally was able to  carry an object  and walk with it. His chair. Lol. Then his ball. Now it’s two balls. He likes walking around with two balls in his arms. Just because he can.

I’m privileged to witness this journey.

I’m so proud to be his mum.

And so crushingly worried about him all the time.

Salaams everybody. Motherhoods been keeping me busy.



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